Cold temps forcing local delivery drivers to get creative with your gifts on Valentine's Day


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The bitter cold may chill bones, but not hearts this Valentine’s Day. It will however force some delivery services to alter their plans.

“Everything is being double wrapped,” explains Toomie Farris, CEO of McNamara Flowers, “It’s being wrapped before it goes out the door anyway.”

Flower designers like McNamara claim these temperatures can kill a bouquet in a matter of minutes. Delivery workers at McNamara will have runners go along with drivers to limit the time the flowers go between car and home. They will also be calling ahead to make sure loved ones are there to receive their gifts.

“We can’t leave it on a porch or anything,” McNamara adds.

Over the last few days, McNamara has been averaging close to a thousand arrangements a day.

Chocolates seem to be weathering the storm much better. Suzanne Litteral owns Literally Divine Chocolates in Fountain Square. She expected to see less foot traffic due to the cold, but says she’s actually seen an uptick over last year.

She began making chocolates for herself, but once she started sharing them, people wanted more. She has been a staple in Fountain Square for the last three years. Her truffles, like her chocolate, are homemade. Check out how she does it.

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