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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — College students across Indiana have moved home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped all of their expenses, including rent.

Brad Beck’s son transferred to Indiana Universtiy as a sophomore and could not find on campus housing, so he signed a lease off campus.

“I’m sure there (are) other students and parents that are in the same boat that we are,” Beck said.

Beck’s son moved home to Indianapolis after he was no longer able to work at his part time jobs and his classes moved entirely online. Beck also found himself unable to work because his job running a golf course has been deemed non-essential.

“I’ve never filed for unemployment in my life, this is all new to me and we’ve had to look into the small business loans,” Beck said.

Beck reached out to his son’s apartment managers, but said he was told they could not make any accommodations. His son is under a lease until 2021.

“All they’re telling me is it’s company policy that there’s going to be no rate reduction and the full amount of rent is due,” Beck said.

FOX59 spoke to Indiana University spokesperson Chuck Carney about Beck’s situation. Carney said other students have reached out for help, too.

“We recognize how difficult this is,” Carney said. “It’s been difficult for all of our students moving through this, no matter what their situation is.”

Students who lived on campus, as well as in three apartment complexes that were contracted through IU as overflow housing, will receive refunds for the rest of the semester. However, students like Beck’s son who signed their own leases for off campus housing must work out housing payments with their individual private landlords.

Carney suggested students and their families contact the Dean of Students Office, as well as Student Legal Services, for help.

“They can help you look at that lease, see if there is an out for a situation that would fit this circumstance,” Carney said.

IU started an emergency fund specifically for COVID-19. Students can fill out an application at the link here. Student Legal Services also provided tips for managing private leases at the link here.

Beck has begun reaching out, but he’s still hoping the managers at his son’s apartment building will consider making temporary accommodations.

“I’m not looking for a free ride or free handout, just something reasonable that both sides can live with,” Beck said.

IU is also accepting donations to its emergency funds to help students. You can make a donation at the link here.

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