College student’s 2014 murder remains unsolved

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Kyle Jobin was home for Christmas after his first semester at Vincennes University, where he was on track to graduate with the skills that would lead to a career as a land surveyor.

“He went to school, he already finished his first year going on into his second year,” said Joe Jobin. “He did an internship, they loved him there. He loved just being in the woods and the forest.”

Jobin recalls the last night he saw his son, January 3, 2014, as Kyle left the family home to visit a friend for a night of videogaming in advance of a pending blizzard known as the Polar Vortex.

“You never think it’s going to be your last Christmas but we had a good one, though, I must say,” said Jobin. “One thing that I’m very blessed with is when he went out that door that night I gave him a hug and he said, ‘Love you, dad.’”

Hours later, the 19-year-old from McCordsville suffered a fatal gunshot wound while sitting in the driver’s seat of his car at a Lawrence convenience store at 56th Street and I-465.

The murder of Kyle Jobin is the latest case to be profiled on “Indy’s Unsolved.”

“Kyle pulls up, goes into the gas station, gets a pack of smokes, goes back out to the car, is confronted by four individuals, we believe in a white Ford Expedition SUV,” said Lawrence Police Detective Gary Woodruff. “It looks like they’re confronting him, maybe trying to rob him. He has his wallet out, his cellphone is taken, and sometime during that confrontation at some point he ends up being shot one time and doesn’t survive his wounds.”

Woodruff said a witness described suspects in dark clothes and hoodies rocking Jobin’s car. The killers took Jobin’s cell phone and life and nothing else.

Investigators recovered evidence from the scene that they’re looking to match with a tip to find the murderers.

“It’s a nightmare that reoccurs in my head every night,” said Kyle’s father who recalls waking up to flashing police lights that night. “I saw a police officer and a chaplain and when I saw the chaplain, I think I just fell to my knees.”

Cindy Jobin had 24 final hours with her son as he survived long enough to be an organ donor, a promise Kyle made years before.

“It’s funny, when all of a sudden your son’s been shot, you don’t think about that, you don’t remember what happened in the past and the nurses came and said, ‘Do you guys realize that Kyle elected to be an organ donor?’”

On the anniversary of the day Kyle was fatally wounded, Joe and Cindy Jobin visit an east side cemetery where their son and memories rest in a wooded place appropriate for a young man committed to spending his life outdoors.

“We saw these rocks outcropping,” said Cindy. “It’s completely natural out there, it’s just like being in the woods and because he was a surveyor this is natural to him.”

“It’s a very rough day for us,” said Joe, tears from the cold and the pain rolling down his cheek. “We think back and we think about all the good times but the night prior always sticks so we come out here and we say, ‘Hi,’ and try to remember and do things and remember all the good times we had with him.”

Ironically, the Jobin’s visit a cemetery during the holidays to remember their son while the parents of four other men share the new year with children keeping a deadly secret.

“No parent should ever have to go through this,” said Joe, “and I hope that somebody out there has a soul and would do the right thing.”

If you know anything about the murder of Kyle Jobin on January 4, 2014, at a Lawrence convenience store, call Crimestoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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