College students learn life skills in ‘adulting’ courses


 Over the past few years, a generation of students is starting college and adult life not knowing how to do “adult” things

It’s caused several universities, including Indiana Tech, to teach “adulting” classes and workshops. Instructors go over things like paying bills on time, cooking, cleaning, and having a job.

Indiana Tech’s career development department also helps students learn how to dress professionally, eat in a formal setting, and sit for a job interview.

“We have a three-prong approach,” explained Cindy Verduce, director of the Indiana Tech Career Center and Regional Care Service.

“We want to make sure that students are in the right degree program that will lead them to their career goals; we want to make sure they get experience in their field; and we are also going to make sure that they can articulate what they learned in the classroom.

Other workshops held on campus include finances, home and apartment hunting, job search, and other basic skills normally not taught in a school setting.

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