Colts fan learns hard lesson on Internet ticket scams

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Buyer beware – a local woman says she was ripped off after trying to buy tickets to Sunday’s big Colts game against Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

The victim, Jamie Graf of Fishers, had wanted to surprise her brother for his birthday but instead she was the one who got an unwelcome surprise when she found out she got scammed.

Graf bought three tickets on Craigslist, for $300 a piece.

“They were pretty good seats so they just seemed like they were worth the money to me,” Graf said.

But soon she found out it was all a scam.

“I went ahead and did the Moneygram and waited for him,” she said. “He didn’t respond. I started getting a suspicious feeling so I called Moneygram and they said the money had already been received.”

But the tickets? She never got them. The seller and his posting disappeared from the web.

“I am upset,” Graf said. “I’ve been saving money. This was a surprise for my brother for his birthday and my best friend from out of town, so we just feel kind of out in the dark right now.”

Colts officials say they’ve seen it happen before.

“Certainly when there’s high ticket demands for these big games, there’s a propensity for counterfeit tickets,” said Colts vice president of ticket operation Larry Hall. “If you’re going to buy a ticket, try and know your source.”

“Hindsight’s 20/20, but I am just disappointed and upset,” said Graf. “I just hope that people can learn from my experience and I guess I’ll just be watching the game at home on Sunday now.”

Fishers police are now investigating. IMPD just issued a warning to fans Wednesday about the dangers of buying tickets online.

Colts officials recommend fans purchase through the NFL Ticket Exchange, where ticket purchases can be verified to protect the buyer.

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