Colts fans; businesses celebrating regular season football

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Football frenzy in Indianapolis! The colts regular season games are underway, and fans were excited to see their team win the first game!

Walking down south street outside Lucas Oil Stadium, it was a sea of blue. Each one trilled that their team won. The premier game of the season against the Oakland Raiders was a nail biter, at least Matt and Joe said so.

“It was looking strong in the first quarter, looking good looking good. Then, it was looking bad. Nail biter to the end, but, I just love coming out of there with a big W,” says Matt and Joe.

That W, of course, stands for win.

Indy native turned Floridian Tammy Mattingly was equally as excited.

“Luck is our man, we love him, go Colts. All the players did a great job and I had a great time,” says Mattingly.

Once the game was over, excited fans went to the bars, spending money on celebratory drinks, and boosting sales for the businesses.

“During the game, the same thing, lot of people downtown that didn’t have tickets that were wanting to watch the game,” says Greg Basey, owner of Basey’s downtown Grill and Spirits.

Even the youngest of fans had a chance to see their favorite players. Five year old Evan Swann tells us who he likes.

“I like Pat McAfee, Reggie Wayne.”

While others used the first game of regular season as a new experience.

“It was really nail biting I can tell you that,” says Lucas Slagel, “it was really fun and it was really a cool experience.”

We did notice the clear plastic bags being used by fans. That, again, part of the newest NFL security measures to protect you. They’re required to get in the stadium so guards can see what you have with you.

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