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The battle of Indianapolis Colts backups came out in favor of Chandler Harnish.

Harnish wears no. 8. When the Colts signed veteran Matt Hasselbeck to add depth behind Andrew Luck, Hasselbeck and Harnish had a problem: Hasselbeck wears no. 8, too.

Hasselbeck seemed resigned to take a different number, but he had an idea—setting up a wager between him and Harnish. If Harnish—a Bluffton, Ind., native who played basketball at Norwell High School—could sink a half-court shot, he’d give his no. 8 to Hasselbeck in exchange for $8,000. If Harnish missed, he’d keep the number for himself and miss out on the cash.

It all came down to this shot:

As you can see, Harnish sank in one try. So Hasselbeck gets to take over the number he’s worn for most of his NFL career, and Harnish—the 2012 NFL Draft’s “Mr. Irrelevant”—gets $8,000. He’ll switch his jersey to no. 5 and change his Twitter handle (@CHarnish8) to reflect the change.

On Twitter, Hasselbeck said the shot was recorded on Monday. He said the video is unedited and there was genuine excitement for Harnish’s clutch shot:

And as for the money? Don’t think for a second that Harnish plans to keep it for himself: