Columbus Police investigating string of car break-ins

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Detectives need help finding thieves who have been smashing car windows and grabbing people’s belongings in Bartholomew County.

Nearly 40 cars have been broken into since January. Purses and electronics are some of the items stolen from people’s cars. The thieves have committed the crime, during the day and all over Columbus.

“Basically they’re going through the parking lots and looking in vehicles quickly. If they see something, then they’re stopping. They’re acting quickly, hitting and (using whatever they) can (to) break the windows out. They’re grabbing the stuff and then, they’re off,” Lt. Matt Myers said.

Myers said the thieves have been stealing credit cards and then using them at a number of convenience stores. One of the men may be the ring leader and working with several other people, police said.

“To do it since January and doing it that many times and not get caught tells me that they’re pretty good at what they’re doing,” Lt. Myers said.

Myers said the men more than likely stake out the area before they approach a car.

Detectives have leads, but need more help. If you have any information, contact the Columbus Police Department at (812) 376-2600.

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