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COLUMBUS, Ind. – Some of their coworkers have come and gone from the office pool, but those who stuck around were rewarded with a $50,000 prize.

Coworkers at NTN Driveshaft in Columbus claimed their Powerball prize at Hoosier Lottery Headquarters in Indianapolis.

They live in several different places, including Indianapolis, Columbus and Seymour. The employees said their lottery pool started in December 2015, when the Powerball jackpot hit record-breaking levels.

Over time, some of their friends stopped contributed to the pool, but six people remained: Patricia A., Roland W., Gamaliel G., James T., Pam F. and Curt H.

“Everybody dropped out except us,” Patricia said.

One of the members of the group looked up the numbers and thought he and the others had won $100. He checked again and realized they won a significantly higher amount!

“He called me and I was screaming,” Patricia said, adding that she quickly notified her coworkers even though it was 1 a.m.

The coworkers haven’t decided what they’ll do with their winnings. Some planned to use it for Christmas while others said they’ll leave it in the bank for now.

They chose the group name “Over Fifty,” which has a double meaning. They hope next time they’ll win more than $50,000 and said the name was also a reference to their ages.