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HENRY COUNTY, Ind. – A proposed wind farm in Henry County won’t be built.

The Henry County Planning Commission voted Tuesday night on the controversial proposal that would have added a Big Blue Ribbon Wind Farm to the area.

The vote was 4-4 with one member of the commission abstaining. The proposal did not pass because a clear majority was needed.

There has been a large amount of community backlash surrounding the wind farm. Many residents say they don’t support it for health and property reasons.

“I’m concerned about the distance between the turbine and the homes with is 1,500 feet right now. And that’s way too close,” said Henry County resident Ann Wilson. “They have contracts called good neighbor contracts they offer to sign and they are all within half mile of a turbine. And they offer to pay you but what you’re signing, you’re signing away your health rights, your property rights, and things that people should be very protective of.”

Those in support of the proposal believe Henry County needs to get in on the ground floor of alternative energy.

“The world needs alternative renewable sources of energy to replace carbon based fuels,” said New Castle homeowner Bob Bailey. “Henry County needs to participate in this transfer to alternative sources of energy.”