Community center hopes to change violent trend after multiple weekend shootings: ‘It troubles me’

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Police responded to four separate shootings in 24 hours across Indianapolis this weekend.

Police want you to hear this message: “The more risky behavior that you’re engaged with, the more unlawful behavior that you’re engaged with, the higher probability that you’re putting yourself at risk to be a victim of violent crime,” said Major Harold Turner of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, “You have to know that when anger starts to rise you have to exit, you have to get yourself out of that situation.”

“One thing I always do, I go check the area. North east, east, far east, I always go try and look at the area and it troubles me,” said Pastor Howard Harding of the ReSet Center.

Harding says the ReSet Center located on 42nd and Post Road is doing its part.

“We can try and change those trends, and we want to show this community that we care. We want to prove them wrong,” said Harding, “I believe if we can bring some of the young people off the streets from some of the things they may get into that might not be as positive and offer them the space and opportunity to do something different, it’s going to change the violent trend that’s been going in the city.”

We first told you about The ReSet Center when it was about to open in July. The center has only been open for three months, yet hundreds of people are using their resources as a space for event practice, fellowship and programs. Each week Harding’s goal is to serve 500 meals. Since opening their doors, they’ve helped everyone from the homeless to city leaders.

“When we start to value them as people, we’ll start reaching out to them and loving them just as people, because they are,” said Harding.

“We want people to see that’s not okay and not here,” said Steve Collier, the Mayor of the City of Lawrence. “It’s a slow process, and it’s not something that will happen overnight, but we’re beginning to see people acting with better behavior.”

Harding says The ReSet Center wants to fix issues before they turn violent. He says it starts by offering the right services to the community.

“I have a psychologist on staff that does counseling for families and a lot of the things people are dealing with, it’s just traumatic and they don’t get an opportunity to talk about it,” said Harding.

Harding wants to make a difference in a community that’s tired of the violence.

“This lady was just in tears, she was just crying, and one of my staff said, there he is. She came and just hugged me, and she said, thank you so much for caring about us,” said Harding. “She said we just felt like in this community nobody cared, and you’re showing that you care.  When we start to value them as people, we’ll start reaching out to them and loving them just as people, because they are.”

The ReSet Center is hosting a carnival for families and community members coming up on October 10th through October 13. The ReSet Center’s goal is to give 1,000 kids in the area a wristband to come all four days and ride all the rides, free of charge.

For more information you can visit the ReSet Center at 4330 N. Post Road.

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