Richard Probes Community Hero: Honoring children lost to violence

Community Hero
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Richard Probes traveled 41 days and 1,000 miles alone in his wheelchair. After his wife committed suicide he was in a depression and Richard had just one question.  Are there still good people in this world? Mile after mile traveling in his wheelchair, he got his answer, “I found a state that opened their arms to me I found kindness everywhere I went 47 I never went without a place to stay 48 I never went without a meal 50 I could show up I could be in the middle of farmland 54 and people would show up with bottled water 57 or they would read about the story and it was just the most amazing thing in the world.”

Richard also found his strength as a person, hope, and a new mission.  Richard started the Tenderness Tour throughout the state of Indiana.  It’s an effort to spread some of the hope and love he experienced to families who loose children to violence. This year Richard wheeled around Monument Circle nearly 571 laps.  Each lap in honor of a child killed from Oct. 2 1989 to October 1, 2019.

This year’s effort got more of a response than Richard ever expected.  He got a surprise guest that brought him to tears. Plus, FOX59 and Community Health Network honored Richard as the October Community Hero of the Month.

If you would like to nominate someone you know as Community Hero, click here.

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