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ANDERSON, Ind. – An Anderson community justice officer faces multiple charges, including rape, after a 17-year-old girl told investigators he forced her to have sex.

According to court documents, Chase Arbuckle, 20, is charged with rape, criminal confinement, sexual battery and battery. Arbuckle worked for Madison County’s Community Justice Center.

The teen at the center of the case said she and Arbuckle first met in Elwood. They exchanged phone numbers and numerous messages via texting and Facebook, court documents said.

The teen told investigators that Arbuckle became more and more controlling as time went on, attempting to limit her activities and who she could spend time with.

According to court documents, the teen went to a friend’s house in November 2015 and arranged for Arbuckle to stop by. When he said he had to go to work, she walked him to his Jeep.

According to court documents, he told her to get in the Jeep. She complied; Arbuckle then took the gun off his belt and put it on the dash. He then forced himself on the teen, she told investigators.

After it happened, she told Arbuckle he’d just raped her and that the sex was not consensual, court documents said. He told her to get out of the vehicle, according to court documents.

Arbuckle appeared in court last week in the case and has been issued a no-contact order with the teen.