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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A few signs that feature a “rude hand gesture” recently popped up around the Decatur Township area.

The person who placed the “we love litter” signs around the community remains a mystery.

Some people find the displays offensive, but others think they’re drawing attention to a big problem.

“This area has really good potential. I feel like it could be much better but the amount of litter and the amount of people who don’t care is severe,” said Decatur Township Resident Andrew Chambers.

Decatur Township residents are split on the displays. They’ve seen about three or four signs around the community.

“Why would it be offensive unless you’re the one throwing trash out?” Stout said.

Litter isn’t an isolated problem. In 2018, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful collected more than a million pounds of litter.

“Once you start noticing something you notice it all the time,” Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Neighborhood Engagement Project manager Allie Kast said.

Starting in April, KIB’s great cleanup program will start back up and groups will be able to volunteer to clean up the trash.

“Neighborhoods can actually sign up for their own cleanups and we will provide the supplies. We also supply trash bags and gloves. We also work with DPW to provide packer trucks and dumpsters as well,” Kast said.

“I feel like they should care more about the trash then they do about the signs but they don’t. They do care more about the sign because the sign is sending an actual message to people and the trash can’t speak,” Chambers said.

Neighbors said some of the signs have already been taken down. To start a cleanup program in your community click here.

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