Community mourns fallen IMPD officer

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IMPD officers, their families and friends gathered for a memorial service at the Fraternal Order of Police in honor of officer Rod Bradway.

Each person at the memorial service held up a blue glow stick in Bradway’s honor.

The glow sticks have more of a significance than just shedding light on a very dark day. It’s signifies what’s known as the “thin blue line”. Its still strong with brave officers, ready to protect and serve, but now there’s one missing.

“They will not fail, they will not falter, they’ll just be doing it with a broken heart and one less soldier to stand with us,” said FOP 86 Vice President Rick Snyder.

Officer Rod Bradway is now being, and forever will be, remembered as a brave officer who sacrificed his own life to save others.

Like FOP 86 President Bill Owensby said, “He was a very likable guy, a very hard worker, he was a hero.”

Officer Bradway responded to a domestic disturbance call at the northwest side apartment complex Eagle Pointe. He ran toward screaming, wanting to save a life. Police sources tell FOX 59 he was ambushed and shot by the gunman. The bullet he took would eventually end his life.

“It makes you think about ‘God, do you really want your husband to go out and work the streets again?’ It makes you wonder about the families he’s left, the families with nobody,” said Diana Williams, who’s the wife of an IMPD officer.

Williams and her husband came out to the Northwest Side IMPD headquarters to look at officer Bradway’s cruiser parked outside. It’s become a place for people to leave prayers, flowers and their condolences. Whether you knew him or not.

“Someone like that with a good heart and has done a lot for the community, that’s something we appreciate him for, and, hey, my heart just goes out to him,” said Annette Barner.

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