Community stepping up to help Carmel couple battling different rare diseases

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CARMEL, Ind. — Elizabeth Quinby is battling a rare blood cancer, a similar disease to the one that killed her father.

Unable to work and denied disability benefits, Elizabeth feels more than “down on her luck.” And that was before life got even harder over the last month. Now, she’s taken on new fights as her husband faces challenges too.

With Elizabeth growing weaker from her cancer, she had to quit working. For years, her husband Scott picked up the slack financially and physically. But he recently lost his job and the bills for medical expenses, rent and day-to-day living started mounting.

“He was wonderful,” said Elizabeth. “He worked his butt off. He took care of everything.”

But now Scott is even sicker than Elizabeth.

“I miss him,” said Elizabeth. “He’s just not the man that he used to be, sitting in the hospital. I’m terrified he’ll never come home.”

Almost a month ago, Scott entered the hospital with a fever. His diagnosis was a lung infection called histoplasmosis. It quickly triggered an even rarer disorder with an even longer name, Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis or HLH.

“A lot of stuff is yeah, stacking up fast,” said Elizabeth. “It hit hard. It hit really hard.”

As doctors experiment with treatments, she checks for any signs of good news in his blood work. But she admits the exhaustion of fighting a disease so few beat is wearing on her.

Her Carmel apartment complex is trying to help by arranging a meal chain for dinners.

To keep bills from going to debt collectors, a friend started a Go-Fund-Me that’s already hit over $4,000. To help the Quinby Family with medical and living expenses, click here.

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