Concerns about vaping prompt local vape shop owner to open side business in his stores

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A flavored vaping ban is now in effect for many of the potent vaping pod cartridges.

Some vape shop owners are surprisingly happy with the ban but believe it’s still impacting their business. It’s forcing at least one shop to find another way to make money.

“They’ve taken the word vape and they’ve boxed us all in,” explains TJ Birdwell, owner of Vapor Vice. “The flavors are still up in arms, and that’s what we are worried about.”

Birdwell claims ever since talk of flavored vaping bans hit, his business has lost customers, even though he has never carried the vaping pods. His products average around 12 milligrams of nicotine, but he says pods generally have 50 milligrams, which is more than double the potency of a cigarette.

“Kids don’t care about the flavors. Kids have never cared about the products I sell. Kids care about the 50-milligram nicotine, so part of me is okay with that stuff going away,” Birdwell answered.

He adds that the pods are generally used in a smaller, more concealable device than the larger liquid devices he sells. Birdwell believes teens are more likely to use small cartridges to hide at school. For a demonstration of the difference, check out the video below.

The vaping fears are forcing Birdwell to start his own brand of homemade aromatherapy, bath bombs and beard oils to be sold at his shops. While they will be sold at his shops, you won’t find any of those banned pods. His alternative products are still a work in progress and won’t contain CBD oils.

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