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GREENTOWN, Ind. (Nov. 5, 2015)– As Greentown residents battle a recent 56 percent water rate increase, increased levels of lead was discovered coming from several homes in the town.

This comes as the town questions an offer to sell the system from Indiana American Water.

Greentown water customers like Michael Amatuzzo have been talking tap a lot these days.

Amazutto’s bill doubled, going from less than $100 a month to now $200 a month.

Now, a state mandated test of the water is showing elevated levels of lead. The three-year test showed lead in three out of the ten homes tested.

A letter mailed out to customers informed them of the lead and steps to take to stay safe. Lead in the drinking water can lead to high blood pressure and kidney problems in adults, as well as developmental disabilities in children.

Greentown’s utility supervisor says the problem is some homes built before 1984 that have soldering in the pipes. If the water sits over time, the water can pull the harmful metal from the pipe.

Amatuzzo says the word has gotten out the town is taking steps and people are being careful.

“It’s not the water coming in, otherwise it would have been tested,” he said.

Liberty Township Trustee Troy Beachy says the issue that’s effect the most people is the rate increase.

“My plea to the board was you’re gonna make this a ghost town. Let’s do something to make this town desirable again they’re pretty much turning their back to it,” said Beachy.

The town council approved a request for Indiana American Water to explore purchasing the water utility, but Beachy says the council may pass on the offer.

The Greentown council decide in the next couple of weeks whether or not to move forward with Indiana American’s offer to purchase the town’s water system.