BBB report: Scammers target Central Indiana customers by impersonating utility, internet companies

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has a warning about a scam that could cost you big time. The BBB has received reports of people impersonating internet, cable TV or electricity company representatives.

“You can lose hundreds of dollars if you fall for this, said Tim Maniscalo, the President and CEO of the BBB Serving Central Indiana.

“I received a call from a man claiming to be from Xfinity,” said an Indianapolis resident in a report to BBB last month. “I actually called Xfinity last week to fix my internet, so I thought it may be legit. He claimed Xfinity was remotely fixing my internet and that I needed to download the AnyDesk app.”

“That’s not how a power company works,” said Maniscalo.

Turns out, if you give the code from that app to the scammer, they can control your entire account and get your personal information. Maniscalo said, the person on the phone offers a special promotion or technical help, but instead of using the payment information your company should already have they ask you to purchase a pre-paid debit card or download an app.

“This is something that people are thinking, boy, my power is going to get cut off, it’s hot, my air conditioning is going to go out,” he added, “Don’t fall for this.”

Be aware the scammers may put you on hold and the scammers even use similar music as the big-name companies and duplicate their caller menu.

“Don’t believe your caller ID because you can actually get an app now and it will put any number you want to display on there,” said Maniscalo.

The scammers can, and will, disguise themselves as any of the popular companies. Your best bet is to always check first with your utility or internet company because it could help you avoid dealing with quite the mess.

“They can make themselves look like anybody,” Maniscalo added.

The BBB is also warning about utility or internet scammers showing up at your doorstep. Stay vigilant and always verify the information.

Click here to visit the BBB Scam Tracker to see what’s happening in your community.

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