PLYMOUTH, Minn. — Cabinet latches designed to keep children safe are being recalled because they can pose a choking hazard.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said the recall involves North States Industries’ Toddleroo rotating cabinet latches. The recall was initiated because the latching button can dislodge and detach. Young children could then choke on the button.

The recalled white plastic latches were sold in a package of four latches. Each latch measures 3 13/16 inches wide by 1 3/8 inches high by 1/2 inch deep and comes with application adhesive.

North States is printed on the center of the latch. Model number 6178 is printed on the top left corner of the product’s packaging. And UPC number 0-26107-06178-2 or 0-26107-06177-5 are printed on the bottom left-hand corner of the product packaging.

So far, North States Industries has received 19 reports of the latching button dislodging or detaching. This includes one report of a child gagging on a dislodged button.

After one report on the Safer Products website, North States responded with information about its investigation into the issue and what they are doing to fix it.

That investigation found that if enough force is applied to the latch while it is closed, there is a possibility for the latching button to become dislodged. The company recently modified the latch design to eliminate the press fit latching button in favor of an ultrasonically welded button able to withstand greater force.

The company is disposing of all latches that were made before the ultrasonically welded modification. Anyone with the recalled cabinet latch should stop using it and contact North States Industries for a refund.

For the refund, the company is asking people to send photos of the front and back of the product and confirm that they have destroyed or disposed of it. After they get this confirmation, the company will send a refund of $5.50 or the purchase price indicated on the receipt.