MIAMI, Fla. — Night lights sold by a now-defunct business are being recalled because they can overheat during use, posing a burn hazard.

The recall involves Miffy First Lights with a blue color label on the bottom. The lights are about 12 inches tall and are made from silicone and have a white exterior in the shape of a rabbit.

Recalled Miffy First Light (Photo//CPSC)

The lights were designed by Mr Maria, but were sold by Cool Décor Company. Mr Maria is conducting the recall because Cool Décor.

Mr Maria said it found that under exceptional circumstances, some of its older Miffy First Lights may overheat during use. In very rare cases, this can potentially cause damage or harm.

The recalled lights were produced in 2017 and 2018. The production year is embossed in a circle on the bottom right foot of the light. A “7” on the right side of the arrow represents 2017, while an “8” represents 2018. Only models with a blue-colored label on the bottom of the unit are included in the recall.

Location of model number and production year (Photo//CPSC)

Anyone with the recalled light should stop using it and visit the Mr Maria website for instructions on how to determine which LED module is being recalled. If they bought the light at a local store, they can take it back to get the module replaced free of charged.

The CPSC said anyone who bought the light online, or if the retailer is no longer in business, should take a clear photo of the blue label and a clear photo of the date printed under the right foot of the light. They should send the photos with their shipping address and phone number to to receive an upgraded LED module free of charge.