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HANCOCK COUNTY — A section of Mt. Comfort Rd. in Hancock County has been closed and under construction since July of last year, detours on nearby county roads have led to potholes on potholes.

Hancock County Engineer Gary Pool said a combination of issues have created the delays, making the project two months behind schedule.

During rush hour, lunch hour or shift change County Road 400 North is crammed and cars are moving slow. “Oh it’s horrible, it’s bumper to bumper,” said Justin Breece, who works near the construction on Mt. Comfort Rd.

The project includes road improvements and installing an underground storm water system on that portion of the road. The roads around the construction have suffered as the project has dragged on.

“I had a tire blow out coming down through here,” Breece said.

Pool said they have tried to fill some of the potholes but with the weather has made it difficult for their work to make much of a difference. ”I had a tire blow out coming down through here,” said Breece.

Another thing not helping, how fast the area is growing. ”It’s sprung up the last three, four years with all these warehouses,” said Gary Preston. He has has lived on the corner of CR 400 West and CR 700 North for 40 years. “We moved out here to get away from the city and now we’re getting right back into it,” he said.

Pool said the delays have been caused by supply chain issues that made it harder to get needed materials and the weather, which hasn’t helped at all.

Preston said he gets it. “With all the shortages and the weather, I understand,” he said.

But they are all still hoping construction ends soon. “The sooner the better would be nice,” said Chris Johnson, another nearby worker.

Pool said he expects the road to reopen in the first week of March. He said there isn’t much that could stop them from getting the finishing touches done.