Controversial gun proposal, mass transit bill approved by House

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State lawmakers have just two weeks left in this year’s legislative session, which means several key issues were up for a final vote on Monday, before potentially being sent to a conference committee.

Monday was a deadline day in the House, where lawmakers had to finish voting on bills that originated in the Senate by the end of the day.

House lawmakers approved some hotly-debated items like the mass transit bill, the business personal property tax phase-out and a controversial gun bill that would let gun-carrying school employees take their firearms onto school property, as long as the gun is locked away in their car.

The proposal was added into Senate Bill 229, a piece of legislation dealing with gun buyback programs that passed a House committee last week with the new amendment attached.

Opponents said they were concerned the bill might also unintentionally allow bus drivers to carry a firearm on the school bus, but the amendment’s author said that was not his intent and that doing so would remain a class D felony under the law.

But the proposal would decriminalize the act of leaving a gun stowed away in your car in a school parking lot. It’s currently legal for drivers to have a gun in the car while driving through a school parking lot, but not legal to have a gun on your person, or in the car, upon leaving your vehicle.


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