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MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. (Oct. 29, 2014) – The man who killed Purdue University student Andrew Boldt committed suicide in prison, his attorney said.

Cody Cousins, 24, was sentenced to 65 years for Boldt’s murder on Sept. 19. He killed himself at the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City. His attorney, Kirk Freeman, said he was alerted earlier Wednesday morning.

“At the sentencing hearing I said my client was so sick that he does not realize how sick he is (and) that statement has proven correct yet again. I stand by it. I made certain arguments at (the) sentencing hearing. Those arguments were rejected and I got to live with that, but I expressed my condolences (to) the family. Certainly nobody wanted this,” Kirk Freeman said.

According to the Department of Correction, Cousins was found unresponsive in his cell during a routine security check Tuesday night. Staff tried to revive him but couldn’t. Cousins had cut his neck and arms, investigators said. He was pronounced dead at 9:20 p.m. Tuesday. An autopsy is pending. DOC officials said it appeared Cousins used a razor, which inmates are allowed to have so they can shave.

DOC said Cousins arrived at the Indiana State Prison on Oct. 23 and was on a unit for new arrivals. His estimated release date was July 22, 2046. His death is being investigated by the prison’s Internal Affairs Office and the LaPorte County Coroner’s Office.

In August, Cousins pleaded guilty in the Jan. 21, 2014, shooting that killed Boldt in Purdue’s Electrical Engineering Building.

Friends of victim and suspect in disbelief following fatal shooting at Purdue University
Andrew Boldt

During his trial in September, prosecutors argued that Cousins was envious of Boldt. Cousins later shocked the entire courtroom when he said, “I killed Andrew Boldt because I wanted to. I do what I want and deal with the consequences later.”

Cousins had filed a notice that he planned to use the insanity defense, and mental health experts testified that Cousins, who’d struggled with addiction, was bipolar.

A pathologist, Dr. Elmo Griggs, testified that Cousins shot Boldt five times and stabbed him 19 times. Griggs called it the “worst homicide I have ever seen.”

Judge Thomas Busch rejected a guilty but mentally ill ruling, saying Boldt’s killing was a “violent action” and a “crime of terror.”

“We could play ‘what if’ all day. Maybe. Maybe not. You have somebody who is that ill and needs that much help. I don’t know if anybody could speculate. If I could see into the future, I’d be a stockbroker not a lawyer. I just don’t know,” Freeman said.

Purdue University declined to comment on Cousins’ death.

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