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INDIANAPOLIS — Lucas Oil Raceway brought the heat on Saturday as the racetrack hosted the world finals for Beat the Heat, Inc.

But behind the wheels of these drag cars weren’t professional racecar drivers. Instead, the “heat” burning rubber up and down the raceway were police officers and firefighters from across the nation. Some of the cars used in the racing were even converted police cars.

“This is another way to kind of get in touch with the youth, and the community and just kind of show them that hey we’re here, we’re not just the ones in the police car taking people to jail, you can come out, have fun with us, hang out with us, relax,” said Beat the Heat Vice President Gary Fitzgerald.

Along with being a community relations bridge and a program to help connect and educate youth, Beat the Heat is a non-profit organization comprised of police officers and firefighters who use racing to draw attention to programs that combat the proble of street racing, drunk driving and distracted driving.

“(It) just kind of lets the community see that other side of police officers, firefighters, but also gives us a chance to get away or have fun, spend time together as a group, so there’s a lot of benefits to it,” Fitzgerald said.