Cops say crime family broken after fatal SWAT team gun battle

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) detectives spent Thursday afternoon emptying a garage behind 1633 South State Avenue where a suspected drug dealer and key member of a notorious Fountain Square crime family died in a shootout with police.

Andrew Sizemore, 27, died when he opened fire on IMPD SWAT team members as they approached his house to serve a drug warrant Wednesday night.

Investigators said Sizemore could see them coming because of all the surveillance cameras he had mounted on his house.

“He had a large screen TV where he was playing video games,” said Captain Dave Allender, “and right next to it was another large screen TV where he was actually watching the cameras while watching the SWAT team approach.”

Sizemore was killed. Four officers were wounded. None of their injuries were life threatening.

After the gun battle, investigators combed through the property.

“Narcotics detectives searched the house,” said Lt. Chris Bailey, “and seized the following items: heroin, hundreds of prescription pills, $125,000 in cash, 13 guns and also discovered a garage full of potentially stolen merchandise. All of that has an estimated value of around $500,000 to $750,000.”

Five people inside the home were arrested:

  • Robert Morgan, 62, arrested for Dealing a Controlled Substance
  • Justin Williams, 24, arrested for Visiting a Common Nuisance
  • Paul Beard, 21, arrested for Possession of a Control Substance
  • Jacob Gobel, 20, arrested for Visiting a Common Nuisance
  • Andrew Spurlock, 23, arrested for Visiting a Common Nuisance

“People in the house had no source of income,” said Allender. “There’s literally a garageful of tools and so forth just stacked up not in the norm that you would have in your garage. I don’t think most people have 10 or 20 tool boxes and stacks of power tools. It looks like to us they were taking stolen items in exchange for narcotics.”

Residents have placed flowers on the steps in front of the home and other neighbors wonder if their stolen property is in the Sizemore garage. One man said his home was burglarized several years ago and he bought back his items at a Sizemore family lawn sale.

IMPD leaders said Wednesday night’s raid is an indicator that they are going after mid-level drug dealers in the city.

“We’re taking a look at everybody,” said Deputy Chief Brian Mahone. “We’re going after the girlfriends, the wives, the moms who are hiding the illegal proceeds of some of these situations because we have to make sure that we don’t stop.”

Detectives tell Fox 59 News that they expect the death of Sizemore and the dismantling of his family’s drug and stolen property operation will hurt narcotics users on the southeast side of Indianapolis.

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