Aspire House hosts cookout, vaccine clinic for near northwest side community


INDIANAPOLIS — A near northwest side community center is hosting a community cook-out Monday that will also be a pop-up COVID-19 vaccine clinic. 

Aspire House is partnering with Hendricks Regional Health to make the clinic happen from noon until 6 p.m. at their location at 1002 Udell Street. 

The event is designed to help increase the community’s access to the vaccine. 

Aspire House co-founder Sharon Clark says she wanted to make the event seem fun to help de-stigmatize getting the vaccine. 

Clark says sometimes talk of the vaccine and other medical things can be off putting and often times avoided.  

Now that the vaccine is available to everyone 12 years and older, she says they wanted to help make sure everyone who wanted to could get it. 

Specifically, those in the near northwest community, who she says are often marginalized. 

“A lot of Black and Brown faces folks there, some moderate English speakers and non-English speakers, and we have learned our community has not always had access to a lot of the great things that are offered in Indianapolis,” said Clark. 

Many have access issues when it comes to getting the vaccine including problems getting transportation. 

“I know sometimes folks think that again it’s very simple. Uber has done a good job offering free rides, but we’ve got seniors who don’t have smartphones, so you can’t exactly get an Uber,” said Clark. 

“We just felt like it was important to bring it to our neighborhood and bring it to the folks in our neighborhood so that we can help ensure that everyone’s healthy. That’s one of the biggest parts of Aspire House is building a happy and healthy community.” 

She says they chose to do it on a weekday to encourage people to go after school and work. 

Anyone is welcome, no appointments are required. 

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