CDC advises against traveling over Labor Day weekend as cases continue to rise


INDIANAPOLIS — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending people avoid traveling this holiday weekend, regardless of vaccination status, as cases continue to surge around the country.

“We see a spike in cases among those that attended large events,” said Thomas Duszynski, a professor of epidemiology at Fairbanks School of Public Health.

With Labor Day weekend just days away, health officials are reminding people to follow COVID-19 guidelines and maybe even avoid traveling.

“The CDC did come out and recommend no one travel this weekend, especially if they are not vaccinated, that they don’t do any traveling,” said Melissa McMasters, infectious disease administrator for the Marion County Public Health Department.

The delta variant is still spreading rapidly and causing case numbers to spike. Duszynski says 90% of cases in Indiana right now are the delta variant.

Still, there are steps you can take to stop the spread and be safe this holiday weekend.

“If you can minimize or put social distance, or physical distance, between yourself and others,” Duszynski recommended.

“Getting vaccinated, wearing a mask and social distancing,” McMasters said. “The combination of those things are really what will get us to the end of this pandemic.”

She emphasizes the vaccination is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones.

“We always recommend going to get the vaccine, but please note if you go in the next few days, that’s not going to help protect you over Labor Day weekend,” McMasters said.

It takes two weeks after receiving a second dose for one to be considered fully vaccinated.

Hospitals have not yet reached full capacity, but that’s something doctors have told us they are worried will happen if people disregard COVID-19 precautions this holiday weekend. 

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