Coronavirus forces IU students to return from China as Butler researchers work for a cure

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — We now know a person tested for coronavirus in Porter County, Indiana does not have the virus, but nearly 10,000 people in China do. The fear is forcing students from Indiana University (IU) to rush home. Two students are already back in the United States with four more set to come home. The overseers of their study abroad program are giving them until February 5th to leave. “Honestly, the reception from my parents, friends, teachers, and family here in the U.S. has been much more of a scared reaction that I never experienced in China,” admitted Ethan McAndrews who returned to IU from China yesterday, “I’m not worried about it any more than I would be catching the common flu.” Meanwhile, at Butler University, researchers have a different take. “The mortality rate is about 2%. It’s something to be scared of should you catch it,” said assistant professor and researcher Chris Stobart. Stobart is are working toward a cure. The Department of Biological studies has been studying coronaviruses for a few years, and believe they have found the key. He explains below.
The IU students would love for a breakthrough cure, but they will remain in the U.S. for the time being. We are told the situation will be re-evaluated on March 1 to see if it’s safe enough for them to return to China.

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