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DALLAS (NEXSTAR) — While a fever is considered one of the prime symptoms for COVID-19, medical officials in Florida say they’re seeing an increase in infected patients who aren’t suffering from a fever.

Dr. Michael Koran, of the Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research, told WJXT that the virus impacts people differently.

“One of my favorite studies on this is this actually came from the Diamond Princess cruise ship where half the people who ultimately turned out to be COVID positive had minimal or no symptoms,” Koran told WJXT.

Health officials say fever is just one part of the screening process for COVID-19. Outside of a test, they say there’s no “end-all-be-all” for determining whether someone is positive.

“Relatively small percentage of people will actually have a fever should help you understand that you don’t trust your body temperature as a way of making the diagnosis,” Koran said.

Koran told WJXT it’s important to get tested if you experience any of the symptoms.

A recent study of COVID-19 from researchers at London’s King’s College found two of the main symptom clusters do not include a fever.