INDIANAPOLIS — Each county in Indiana is now under the red advisory level for COVID-19 spread according to Wednesday’s update to the state COVID dashboard.

This level is based around two parameters, test positivity rate and cases per 100,000 people. These two metrics have never been as high in most counties.

”This tells us we’re at one of the highest levels we’ve seen for COVID in the state,” said Dr. Shaun Grannis, the VP of Data and Analytics at the Regenstrief Institute.

Grannis said there is data to suggest the wave could be nearing a peak, though.

”I am hopeful that we are seeing the peak and it will hopefully be coming down now,” he said.

Based on the data the ISDH and the Regenstreif Institute are both tracking, Grannis is seeing some metrics decline.

”Positive tests and emergency room visits look like they’re slowly trending down,” Grannis said.

He said those metrics tend to be early indicators, followed by hospitals and ICU admissions.

”They’re at no change, they’re neither going up nor down,” Grannis said.

A potential decline is great news, but we’re still seeing some of the highest daily case counts ever in the state and demand for tests is still high.

“It’s almost impossible to find a test,” said Marina Waters. She and her family went to the new temporary testing site in Carmel Wednesday night to get tested for COVID after a weekend exposure.

The State Dept. of Health opened the testing site Wednesday at the Jill Perelman Pavilion on 116th St. in Carmel.

Waters said they have been looking everywhere for an appointment.

”I felt really lucky grabbing these appointments, the private testing sites, like CVS and Walgreens, you can almost find nothing,” Water said.

You can schedule an appointment ahead of time at this mobile clinic or just walk in, like Natalie Seibert.

”I would say maybe 5, 10 minutes max,” Seibert said. “It was pretty quick.”

Seibert said the earliest she could find an appointment elsewhere was Saturday, she said more testing sites like this one would be great.

”I definitely feel like I know a lot of people lately who have been exposed, who have tested positive, so demand is very high,” she said.

Grannis said he’ll be keeping his eyes on the latest COVID data to see if this potential decline is for real.

”That 10-day moving average looks like things are slowly moving downward, not significantly, not quickly, but slowly,” Grannis said.

The mobile testing and vaccination clinic in Carmel will be open through Saturday at the Jill Perelman Pavilion. Each day it is open Noon to 8 p.m., you can schedule an appointment online or just walk-in.