Experts emphasize even those considered healthy can fall ill from COVID-19


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Experts have warned that senior citizens and those with underlying health issues are most at risk for contracting COVID-19 and potentially dying, but we’ve seen headlines of people in their 20s dying from it and some of the elderly beating the virus.

“What we’ve really learned though is nobody is spared from this. Newborns can get it, children can get it, teenagers, young adults can get it, and sometimes, those people can even die from it,” said Ascension St. Vincent Infection Prevention Dr. Christopher Belcher said.

Butler University Assistant Professor of Biology Christopher Stobart said people who have preexisting lung conditions are at risk.

Folks with diabetes and other cardiovascular conditions are also at risk of developing serious complications.

“Many patients will suddenly go into heart failure or have problems with their blood pressure. When somebody is that ill, that’s a lot of different reasons that can happen, and many things may contribute to it,” Dr. Belcher said.

Just because you’re considered “healthy,” you shouldn’t believe that you’re immune, Stobart warns.

“Treating this like, ‘I’m young, I’m healthy, so I’m not going to fall ill from this,’ it’s a bit naive to believe that. We don’t know enough about the virus to know who’s going to be predisposed based on their genetics,” Stobart said.

We all have different genetic makeups, and there’s no definite way to tell how your body will react to any sickness.

“Just remember, some of us get colds more often than others. Some of us come down with skin infections more often than others. Those are variations in our immune response to pathogens,” Stobart said.

Stobart explained research is conducted everyday to stop the spread of COVID-19, and hopefully, the pandemic will be over soon.

“I can tell you there’s at least 40 different companies working on vaccines right now for this pathogen. Some of them were vaccines that were based on previous rounds of coronavirus outbreaks,” Stobart said.

Stobart wants people to listen to public health officials and social distance.

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