Fountain Square singing quartet discovers COVID-friendly way to bring Christmas cheer

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INDIANAPOLIS — The pandemic is forcing people to get creative when it comes to “COVID-izing” their holiday plans this year.

A Fountain Square singing quartet believes they have one solution in mind by forming a small, socially distanced caroling group.

“We have always thought about forming something like this, but we never got around to it,” said singer Adrian Pumphrey. “This year we just felt like people needed some hope, and some cheer, and a message of hope.”

The group will be caroling through Fountain Square neighborhoods on Saturday night. They plan to sing from the sidewalk with each person masked, and spread apart. They are encouraging homeowners to listen from their open front doors.

The quartet has been practicing with masks on, and says it doesn’t impact their abilities at all. Pumphrey is a middle school teacher who has already battled COVID. He believes this will brighten people’s hearts, but he has a message for anyone trying to turn their holiday traditions into COVID-friendly activities.

“Do your research and find out what you can do safely, and find out what is allowed,” said Pumphrey. “What is safe, and going to keep people safe?”

“If they are going caroling that would probably be the safest way to do it,” explained Thomas Duszynski, director of epidemiology for the Fairbanks School of Health IUPUI. “Now is not the time to be gathering together in large groups still. Being outdoors is safer, obviously, than being indoors. Even then if there is a large amount of people outdoors on a skating rink, on the sledding hill waiting to go down, that still puts you at risk. With that high community spread, and that presumption that everyone has the disease, everyone should be wearing their mask all the time, even when outdoors.”

If you live in Fountain Square, and want them to sing at your house, they are taking reservations on the Next Door app. Most of the time slots are booked up for Saturday night, however. They will be singing from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., and if it goes, well they may do it again.

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