Hamilton County Health Department launches campaign to combat spike in COVID-19 cases among young people


NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — The Hamilton County Health Department is beginning a new health campaign after seeing big spikes in COVID-19 cases from newborns to 20-year-olds in the past week.

“They don’t notice they are symptomatic because they have those healthy immune systems,” says Christian Walker with the Hamilton County Health Department. “Their bodies are attacking it better than folks with advanced age.”

The Health Department blames “super spreader events” for the spikes. Those may include large gatherings like weddings or graduation parties. Right now 20-year-olds make up roughly 20% of positive cases in the county, while newborns and teens make up around 14%. Some of these numbers could be from college students getting tested before heading back to school.

“A lot of the kids in these age groups have much larger social circles, much larger social lives,” Walker details.

Their new campaign is called “Show some CLASS,” with “class” standing for:

C: Check your temperature
L: Lead by example
A: Avoid Crowds
S: Schedule a test
S: Stay at home

“Keep that close contact number down as much as possible. That’s the key to keeping these schools open, to keep these schools in session,” Walker adds.

Noblesville schools are now requiring a negative COVID-19 test and 24 hours fever free for any student showing a fever, loss of taste or smell or a series of COVID-19 symptoms. The Hamilton County Health Department suggests any person showing a fever of 100 to 104 stay home and get tested.

If you are waiting for results, you are encouraged to do so from home. There have been testing delays and you could be spreading the virus without knowing it yet.

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