Hamilton County hosts town hall for parents to ask COVID questions before start of school


HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. — Hamilton County Health Department will host a town hall Thursday night for parents to ask questions about COVID-19 before their children head back to school. 

With the start of school being just weeks away, the health department wants to give parents a chance to address their concerns with experts in the field.  

They will be able to talk to doctors in case they aren’t able to get their kids an appointment before school starts. 

There will be a pediatric infections disease specialist as well as a pediatrician. 

They plan to discuss the issue of heart inflammation, potential long-term side effects of the vaccine, and the speed of development, as well as answering any questions participants might have. 

“We’re hoping that parents can help make that informed decision about what’s right for their children, find access to the vaccination for the COVID virus, and hopefully help their children get back to normalized activities at schools as well,” said Hamilton County Public Health Preparedness Coordinator Christian Walker. 

“There’s a dearth of information, some good some bad, and we’re hoping that we can help filter out some of the noise and provide folks with that direct access to local professionals that are very attuned to the needs of children and help parents make that decision specifically for their children as well.” 

Walker will also talk about vaccination rates for the county, as well as different vaccine clinics they have available. 

But he says the event is also open to anyone who lives outside the county who may have questions.  

“We’re speaking specifically to our community, but we are more than happy to have anybody that can tune in, tune in. And hopefully get their questions answered, or hopefully drive more questions that they can reach out to their own pediatricians and their own counties on answers on.” 

The town hall is virtual and will be on Microsoft Teams at 6 p.m.  Those interested in participating in the town hall should download Microsoft Teams to their computer or phone and join the following link: https://bit.ly/36FlwCN

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