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INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is one of the first on the scene to assist during an emergency. As paramedics, the men, and women on board the ambulance have an important role to treat patients and keep them safe.

There’s one Hoosier Hero that’s gone above and beyond. 

Each day of work for Brian Blazak is a new challenge in his role as paramedic for Indianapolis EMS.

“I wanted to get into the medical field, and I like to drive fast. So, I figured what’s better than to drive an ambulance?” joked Blazak.

Blazak has shown his team during this pandemic what it means to be a leader. He’s volunteered for jobs that put him in the face of danger.

“They said, hey we need some help tonight we’ve got a top-secret mission,” Blazak explained. “I was like, sign me up!”

In the early days of the pandemic, Blazak helped transfer Indiana residents stuck on cruise ships back home.

“It was Operation Princess,” shared Blazak. “When COVID struck there were a lot of people on cruise ships that were stuck in harbors the living conditions were pretty poor. They tried to get those people off of those ships and get them to naval bases. Well, there were some residents of Indiana that wanted to leave. I think they were in Nevada or California, they wanted to come back home. So, they contacted Dr. (Kristina) Box here in the state. Either we’re doing it ourselves or you’re going to help us get over there safely.”

“So in the middle of the night they transported those patients by the plane to the Indianapolis International Airport and I showed up, full get up in the hazmat suit in a van, picked them up and took them to their house. It was such a scary moment you didn’t know what was going on with the COVID-19,” he said.

He also received an award from the United States Secret Service for participating in detail for both the former President and Vice President when they visited the Hoosier state.

Photo provided by Indianapolis EMS

“Being part of the motorcade with the Secret Service and just seeing how they operate was amazing. Seeing the president and vice president come off the Air Force One and Air Force Two, it’s just really cool,” he said.

But his most important role has been training his fellow paramedics. As a field training officer, he works one-on-one with new recruits so they’re prepared to handle any situation.

“He is someone who has constantly risen to the occasion. We think heroes are made, but truly they’re found when needed the most and I think Brian embodies that,” said Anthony Ammerman, a paramedic with Indianapolis EMS who was trained by Blazak.

A hero to his team and to the community he serves. Blazak says he wouldn’t change a thing.

“Just going above and beyond for the new people because they deserve it,” he said.