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INDIANAPOLIS — Beginning Monday, all Hoosiers ages 8 and older must wear masks at indoor public places, while using public transportation and when they cannot social distance outside.

Governor Eric Holcomb announced the mandate Wednesday.

Diana Biasa owns Phoenix Design Concepts in Zionsville and has now created MyShield Masks. Biasa’s usual client base is show choirs, but now it is customers around the world who need masks.

“We had 800 orders day one,” Biasa said. “Then after that, it just sky rocketed.”

Her business will likely not slow down anytime soon following Holcomb’s announcement.

“Face coverings can and will help us blunt this increase,” Holcomb said. “It has in other places.”

Healthcare professionals highlight the science behind wearing masks.

“It reduces the risk of infection, they’re relatively easy to wear,” said Kristen Kelley, nursing director of infection prevention at IU Health. “There’s really not any health concerns from it. It protects you, and it protects me.”

Doctors report some studies show face coverings can reduce the transmission of COVID-19 by up to 80%.

“Face coverings do not result in carbon dioxide elevations or decreased oxygen,” said Dr. Lindsay Weaver, chief medical officer for the state’s department of health.

You can read more about the mask mandate here.