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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — An employee at Chick-Fil-A on Southport Road in Indianapolis is bringing smiles, service and some serious dance moves.

Daniel Morgan said this is the kind of positivity people need right now. 

He doesn’t just direct traffic, he dances customers into drive-thru lanes.  

Growing up, his mom called him Dan, Dan the Dancing Man. It’s a talent he’s bringing into adulthood and the customers love it. 

“The reactions have been great,” said Morgan. “So many people just like burst out laughing. So many people like join in a little bit doing a little dance in their car and I just love it. It’s great to see the smile on people’s faces.”

Some people have been taking videos of his moves and sharing to social media. 

He said he believes God is using him as a tool to bring joy to people who might be scared during this pandemic. 

“Whether I’m getting attention or not, it’s not about me in the end,” said Morgan.

He said people should be using this time to love others.

“Our time here isn’t long, it’s limited so, just using that time more wisely, I think that’s what this whole pandemic has encouraged and motivated me to do and forced a lot of people to do,” said Morgan. “To spend a lot of time with people we love and really be honest with them how much they mean to us.”