IU Health updates policy, allows non-COVID patients to have visitors


INDIANAPOLIS — IU Health announced they will now allow all patients who are not COVID-positive or suspected to have the virus to welcome one visitor per day.

“We recognize that connections with our loved ones are key to the healing process of our patients,” said Elizabeth Linden, chief nursing officer for the Adult Academic Health Centers at IU Health. “We are allowing our patients to have one visitor with them during their procedures, office visits, or in the hospital when they’re in-patient if the patient is COVID negative.”

According to the IU Health website, visitors must be at least 18 years old, screen negative for COVID-19, follow all precautions while at a hospital or IU Health facility, socially distance, and wear an appropriate mask.

The team at IU Health said they will continue to monitor the COVID-19 data and allow that to guide them to make future decisions.

“We continue to monitor our visitation and we continue to monitor the data around us. A key piece obviously is going to be the availability of PPE. We have no reason right now to believe we’re not going to have enough PPE,” Linden said.

“If something dramatic would happen and there’d be a huge surge or some change in the environment, that would be one reason that we would pull back. Another reason might be in the environment related to the spread or the way that the disease spreads.”

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