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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — It took an extremely short amount of time for a group of 16 churches and local technology entrepreneurs to purchase 200,000 N95-type masks for around $280,000.

With such a shortage of lifesaving PPE, a local tech entrepreneur in Fishers named Michael Slate wanted to do what he could for those on the frontlines of the fight against the coronavirus.

Through a collaboration of Heartland Church, Slate’s company Vendorjump, Launch Fishers and 15 other churches so far, hundreds of thousands of KN95 masks from Slate’s team in Asia are on their way.

The first batch of those masks are expected to get here by the end of the week and will be given to hospitals, first responders and longterm care facilities in Indianapolis for the fight against COVID-19.

“I think that now is the greatest opportunity for us to be the ‘big C’ church,” pastor Darryn Scheske of Heartland Church said. “We all sit in different buildings, but now we’re all at home. There’s a chance for us all to come together and do something compassionate.”

If you, your church or your organization would like to take part in this collaborative effort, you can find more information on donations at

Those behind the effort said the window to place orders is narrowing as we get closer to the anticipated peak for the virus in Indiana.

“We’ve got to act now in order to be prepared for this,” said John Wechsler, Indiana IoT founder and CEO.