INDIANAPOLIS — In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, Marian University is asking more of its future leaders. The school is holding on-campus vaccine clinics run by Marian medical students.

The only students Marian University requires to be vaccinated are athletes, performing artists and students involved in clinical nursing.

Nursing students said they want to do whatever they can to give their classmates an opportunity to continue learning in person.

“To pretty much be here and sitting in a class I think is very important because it’s pertinent to what you’re trying to do for your future,” said Aliyah Myers, a Marian nursing student. “You need to be sitting in class, you need to be able to learn. There are many people that have many different learning styles, and so if you’re not one to be able to learn online, it is very difficult for them.”

COVID-19 vaccine clinics for students started Tuesday and will continue through Friday.

Marian is also providing free N95 masks for all students and staff members. Masks are required in all academic and gathering areas.