Noblesville woman finds new career after she loses her job during COVID-19 pandemic


NOBLESVILLE, Ind. – The COVID-19 pandemic caused unemployment filings to hit record levels. Many Hoosiers temporarily lost their job because of closures and some had to find new career paths to get by.

Angela Garcia’s husband, Carlos, temporarily lost his job in March as a sous-chef at Ocean Prime in Indianapolis. The couple thought they would be ok for a little while with Angela’s income, but she lost her job a few days later as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.

“He no longer on Tuesday had an income and by Thursday I did not as well,” she explained.

As parents of four kids, Angela was pretty emotional. There were so many unknowns at that time.

“It was just a lot to handle in the midst of a pandemic when everything was just, you didn’t know what was going to happen,” she said.

Without a full-time job, she began cooking Mexican food and sold meals to her neighbors. It became a hit.

“I have cooked authentic Mexican food for over 20 years,” Angela said. “I just thought I like to cook, maybe I can sell it to my neighborhood.”

By the summer, she bought a trailer to sell meals outside of her neighborhood. She now calls her food truck and catering business, B.I.E.N Mexicana.

“Bien” means good in Spanish. Not only is their food really good, the word has special meaning. The first letter of the names of their four kids also spells out “Bien”.

Carlos has returned to work but he cooks with Angela part time for B.I.E.N Mexicana. During the colder months, the couple is renting kitchens for carry-out orders.

“I am so happy we just took that leap,” Angela said.

Angela never went back to her old job. She followed her passion and now makes a living doing something she loves.

“While it was stressful, it became one of our greatest blessings,” she said. “For sure, a blessing in disguise.”

You can follow B.I.E.N Mexicana on Instagram or Facebook to find out which location the couple will at be next. On Friday, January 22 and Saturday, January 23, they plan to offer carry out orders at the American Legion in Noblesville from 4 to 8 p.m.

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