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More help for Indiana’s healthcare workers will come from the U.S. military after FEMA requested more military medical personnel be deployed to civilian hospitals.

About 40 personnel will form two teams, one heading to Indiana, the other to Wisconsin.

These teams include nurses, respiratory therapists, and medical doctors.

According to a release from the headquarters of the U.S. Army North in San Antonio, Texas, a 20-person team from the U.S. Navy will be sent to University Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. Part of the Navy’s team has already arrived, a military spokesperson confirmed, with the rest scheduled to arrive on Wednesday.

“Since COVID began, our military medical personnel have been committed to fighting the pandemic
and supporting our local, state and federal partners and communities in need,” said Lt. Gen. John R.
Evans, Jr., U.S. Army North commander. “As we look ahead to the holiday season and 2022, we
must remain vigilant in our fight, especially now as Indiana and Wisconsin are added to our supported
states and we must keep in our thoughts the service members and healthcare professionals on the
front lines.”

The members of the 20-person Navy team are projected to begin their first rounds at IU Health Methodist on Christmas Day, spending a few days training and meeting with the current staff.

At this time, there is no end date for when the Navy’s assistance will end, according to the spokesperson. Their time at IU Health will be determined by FEMA in coordination with state officials and hospital staff.

The effort already includes ten teams in five other states, which will continue to support hospitals and healthcare workers.