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The check is in the mail.

That’s the word from the Treasury Department, which said it had started mailing out paper checks for Americans expecting Economic Impact Payments from the federal stimulus plan.

According to ABC News, approximately 70 million Americans will receive the paper checks, which bear the name of President Donald Trump.

A spokesman for the Treasury Department said millions of the checks are on the way and will hit mailboxes in the coming days.

The news comes after Secretary Steven Mnuchin suggested the checks wouldn’t go out until next week. The spokesman told ABC News there was “no delay whatsoever” in sending out the stimulus checks.

Mnuchin said it was his idea to put the president’s name on the paper checks, telling CNN’s State of the Union, “He is the president, and I think it’s a terrific symbol to the American public.”

The government said about 80 million Americans have already received payments via direct deposit. You can check the status of your stimulus money on the IRS website.