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FISHERS, Ind. (Oct. 15, 2014)— The Fishers Police Department is urging residents to call police if they spot a person dressed in a clown suit in the area.

Police confirm they have received reports of a person dressed as a clown, scaring people.

A Fishers resident sent FOX59 a photo of someone dressed as a clown holding balloons and walking in the area of 126th Street and Olio Road.

It is not believed the person has done anything wrong.

The sighting comes as news surfaced of a rash of “creepy clown” sightings in California, which appears to have started with the “Wasco Clown.”

According to, the clown’s appearances — and subsequent social media postings — in the San Joaquin Valley city are part of a photography project launched by a husband and wife team who wish to remain anonymous.

But copycat clowns have arrived on the scene, including one who was reportedly armed.

There is no law against anyone in a costume walking down the street.