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By Lindy Thackston

SHELBYVILLE — A Shelbyville man is now charged with murder after being arrested Wednesday.

Shelbyville Police Chief Keith England says investigators found what appear to be human remains in Scott Schuck’s backyard on Tuesday after serving a search warrant. Court documents also show a purse was found with the missing woman’s ID.

Schuck is the former boyfriend of a mother of two who disappeared four years ago and was last seen near his home in the 1200 block of Elm Street.

Rebecca Cassidy, 33, was reported missing by her family in April 2010 after she didn’t show up for work at a nearby truck stop.

Schuck admitted to strangling Cassidy and burying her in his yard following a dispute. Despite this, Schuck’s lawyer says he will plead not guilty.

The police perimeter was scaled back Thursday afternoon. Officers took away the barricades blocking surrounding streets. Police tape still surrounds Schuck’s home and a tent still covers the mounds of dirt in the backyard.

Schuck’s ex-wife was at the courthouse Thursday and said they divorced 14 years ago and have a daughter in her 20s together. She said they are all shocked and confused.

Schuck sat on a front porch across the street from his home all day and night Tuesday, watching the University of Indianapolis Archaeology and Forensics team, detectives and search dogs go through his backyard.

He told Fox59 at the time, “Her and I’s relationship, we connected, she came a long way and everything. I have no clue what happened. I just know when she left here it’s the last time I’ve seen her.”

He also said, “If it takes two days, three weeks, four months, two years, let them waste their time.”

He was arrested Wednesday morning.

Farron Doolin, friend of Cassidy’s, said, “I’m glad her mother and her kids know now. It’s been 4 years. It was time.”

You can read the affidavit for probable cause below:

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