ANDERSON, Ind. — Anderson Mayor Thomas Broderick Jr.’s son is once again finding himself in trouble with the law after his third arrest for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

On Saturday, Evan Broderick was arrested after a traffic stop near the intersection of State Road 128 and County Road 100 West in Anderson. A probable cause affidavit filed in the case said the officer stopped Broderick after he was having a hard time maintaining his lane of travel.

The Alexandria Police Department started following Broderick after they got a call from an employee at a restaurant that he just left. The employee said Broderick was stumbling when on his way to pay the bill, dropping it in the process. He also tried to take food that was not his before leaving.

The document said the employee told police that during the meal, Broderick was vaping even after being asked to stop. He had a 12-ounce margarita with an extra shot of alcohol and a 16-ounce margarita with an extra shot of alcohol.

When the employee noticed Broderick stumbling, the document said she confronted him, asking if he needed a ride home because they were worried about him driving with his child.

When the officer approached Broderick, the document said he was sweaty and seemed nervous. There was food spilled in the passenger seat of the car. The officer noted that Broderick’s pupils were pinpoint and watery and it was hard to understand him due to his slurring.

The document also notes that Broderick’s dexterity was very slow, taking him some time to give the officer his license and registration.

Throughout the interaction, the only longest response that the document states Broderick told the officer was that he was coming from a Mexican restaurant when asked where he was coming from. To all of the officer’s questions, the document said Broderick either just stared at the officer or said “no.”

I asked Evan to step out of the vehicle and he said no. This took me by surprise at first. I told Evan to step out of the vehicle and he ignored me. Once more I told Evan to step out of the vehicle and he finally did.

Officer Anthony Thomas’ account in the affidavit of probable cause

Eventually, the document said Broderick pulled himself out of the vehicle. The officer asked Broderick “what if I told you that I know you have been drinking?”

After Broderick continued to refuse a field sobriety test, portable breath test and chemical test, the officer placed Broderick under arrest.

With Broderick in custody, the officer contacted the child’s mother, who gave the officer the child’s grandmother’s contact information to pick him up.

This is not the first time that Broderick found himself facing charges for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. In 2020, Broderick was found in an Edgewood, Indiana yard passed out next to his car after a reported crash involving a mailbox.

In 2018 Broderick was arrested after hitting a utility pole and leaving the scene. Police followed a trail of car parts and liquid to a restaurant, finding Broderick in his car. Police said he was uncooperative and they could smell alcohol on his breath.

After Broderick’s latest arrest, he was booked into the Madison County Jail on several counts of operating while intoxicated along with neglect of a dependent. Results from the chemical test were pending as of Monday.