BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A Bloomington man faces multiple charges after police responded to calls saying he was engaging in disorderly conduct Friday.

A court document filed in the case against Dilian Ozzbun said officers with the Bloomington Police Department responded to the 500 block of South College Mall Road on reports of a man harassing people. One caller said a shirtless man was running around the area threatening people. Another caller said the man said he was going to rob someone or a gas station and be rich. Yet another caller said the man was running into traffic trying to stop vehicles.

When police arrived, they found a man, later identified as Dilian Ozbun. The document states he was acting very agitated and sporadic. He was walking around swinging his arms, yelling at people, and opening the gas station door to yell inside.

Eventually, the document said Ozbun walked to where police were he continued to yell obscenities. One of the officers told him to stay out of traffic, and Ozbun walked into traffic.

Police placed Ozbun in handcuffs and the document said he told officers that he was going to murder them and that he had guns to shoot them. When he eventually calmed down, police helped him to his feet, he tried to run away.

The document said brought him back down to the ground, and Ozbun started spitting at the officers. They put a spit mask on him to stop him and placed him in the back seat of one of the officer’s patrol vehicles.

After bringing Ozbun to the hospital for an evaluation, the document said he continued to resist, slipping off a hobble and the spit mask. After another officer put a spit mask back on him, police say Ozbun threatened to find the officer’s house and kill his family.

Once again, the document said Ozbun got the spit mask off and started getting angry again. Police had to use four-point restraints to keep him from kicking emergency personnel and officers. The document goes on to say Ozbun threatened to get one of the officer’s guns and kill them.

Ozbun faces charges of disorderly conduct, two counts of battery on a public safety official, three counts of intimidation and a count of resisting law enforcement.