SPEEDWAY, Ind. — An Indianapolis man faces multiple charges after police said he pointed a gun at people inside a Speedway beauty school after an argument with his girlfriend.

In a probable cause affidavit filed in the case against Gregory Duncan, an officer with the Speedway Police Department said they responded to Empire Beauty School Friday on a report of a man pointing a handgun at women inside the school.

Duncan’s girlfriend told police that she was in class when he came to the school asking for her. She and one of her classmates went to talk with him. While waiting for the girlfriend, the document said a staff member overheard Duncan on the phone saying “he was going to do some [expletive] to someone if he didn’t get his stuff back.”

The document said that classmate told police that Duncan hit his girlfriend before she got to school after she accused him of cheating on her. The classmate said throughout the day, Duncan called his girlfriend threatening to show up. When they went to the front lobby, the document said the classmate told police that Duncan started cussing at his girlfriend and demanding money.

The document said the girlfriend refused to talk with Duncan. That is when she told police that he grabbed her by the front of her work apron. Her classmate told police that she stepped in between the two and Duncan shoved her, so she hit him.

The classmate said Duncan told her “don’t touch me, I’ll shoot you in the [expletive] face.” As the situation escalated, the document states the staff member told police Duncan removed a black pistol with an extended magazine from his waist and made a sweeping motion.

The document said several people took the girlfriend to the staff room to secure her as Duncan left the building. Another staff member told police that they tried to lock the front door, but Duncan got back in, shoving them.

The classmate told police that Duncan kicked the door to the room several times until the lock broke and the door opened. The document said someone else in the room tried to hold the door shut, but was overpowered.

Eventually, the document said one of the people was able to restrain Duncan until police arrived.

When police asked Duncan for his side of the story, the document said he told them that he was visiting his girlfriend at her house when she woke him up because she found out he had been cheating on her. He told police that she told him to get out, and as he was leaving he looked in his wallet to discover money missing.

The document said Duncan told police that he called her to ask about the money and she told him that she wasn’t giving it back. He said he went to the school and asked for her.

Duncan told police that he grabbed her, trying to get the chain around his neck. That is when his gun was exposed. The document said he told police he went outside to give his gun to a friend.

The document said Duncan told police he went back inside to find his girlfriend and pushed people to get them out of his way. He said he kicked in the door and told them that he wanted his stuff back. Someone calmed him down and walked him to the front when the police arrived.

Duncan was charged with:

  • five counts of intimidation (three level 5 felonies and two level six felonies)
  • three counts of criminal recklessness
  • one count of domestic battery
  • two counts of battery resulting in bodily injury
  • one count of criminal mischief
  • one count of battery

A trial in the case is scheduled for December 1.