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INDIANAPOLIS – An employee at the Marion County Juvenile Center faces charges after putting a juvenile inmate in a chokehold.

According to court documents, the incident happened on Feb. 3, 2021. William Glover had separated a juvenile involved in a fight with two others at the facility.

Video of the incident showed Glover holding the juvenile in an unapproved head-neck restraint for at least a minute and 40 seconds. The juvenile told investigators that he couldn’t breathe and asked Glover to loosen his grip.

But Glover wouldn’t loosen the chokehold, according to court documents, and the juvenile said he attempted to ease Glover’s grip with his hands, resulting in an “enhanced” hold by Glover.

The juvenile reported feeling blood dripping from his nose and saw blood on Glover’s pants after he eventually released his grip.

An administrator at the facility reviewed the video and said the hold Glover had used was “not consistent with (Glover’s) training and would be a violation of MCJC policy.”

The director of staff and youth at the facility echoed that determination, saying the hold was not an “approved method” of restraint and noted that “it is preferable” that two detention officers are present when escorting juveniles for both the safety of officers and the juveniles.

A nurse practitioner at the facility encountered Glover and the juvenile during the incident and reported that he did not hear the juvenile say he couldn’t breathe, according to court documents.

A report from the facility showed that Glover violated three MCJC policies and said that the head-neck restraint was not an approved technique. The report also said Glover failed to file a required statement about the incident.

During an interview, Glover said he responded to a fight involving the juvenile and two other inmates. After separating them, Glover said the juvenile tried to go back to fight the others, leading him to place the juvenile in a restraint hold.

Glover told investigators that he didn’t restrict airflow or place his hand around the juvenile’s neck. He claimed the inmate “was resisting and trying to escape his control,” according to court documents.

Glover also acknowledged that the restraint was not taught or approved for use at the facility. He indicated that he had been disciplined for using the restraint.

He claimed he had written a report about the incident but that “it was taken off his desk and was never received by the administration.”

Glover is charged with official misconduct and battery resulting in bodily injury.